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Stunt Kites - 4th March 1980. I'm So Hollow - 11th March 1980. Both at the Blitz club, George IV pub, Sheffield.

“Well, it’s taken them a powerful long time to get onto record, but they’ve done it at last. ClockDVA, one of those names you’ve seen, I bet you’ve seen around for…

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Salon Graph – Nowsoc, 22nd October. The Broadfield, 30th November. Blitz Club 11th December 1979.

Brick by brick, I have started to dismantle the lighthouse-sized torch I have been carrying for Sheena Gates. Our on/off relationship has been flickering intermittently since she left to study in the city of…

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I’m So Hollow – Blitz Club at The George IV, Tuesday 27th November 1979.

“Pulling the sheets up over my face. The only place I know I’ll feel safe.” I’m So Hollow are laying siege to a monstrous slab of rock entitled ‘I Don’t Know’. I…

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