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Killing Joke – Kilburn National Ballroom 28th April, Tower Ballroom Birmingham, 30th April 1981

“Killing Joke? It’ll be like United away at Millwall, Adrian Street versus Giant Haystacks, Jesus at Golgotha, we’ll get crucified!” Following DVA’s decent away performance at Bauhaus’ coven in the caverns under…

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Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle, Sheffield University. Tuesday 10th June 1980.

“I’m So Hollow?” “Here”. “They Must Be Russians?” “Present”. “Vendino Pact?” “Yes, Miss”. A warm summer evening, and its registration time for Sheffield bands at the Lower Refectory on Western Bank. Vice Versa, DVA,…

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Artery + Shy Tots – Blitz Club at the George IV, Tuesday 18th December 1979.

Sunday night. Mum and Dad have gone to bed, and I’m alone watching the late film on BBC2 – Elliott Gould in ‘Getting Straight’. He’s a bit of a hero to me since an…

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