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Kraftwerk, Sheffield City Hall. Friday 19th June 1981.

The last Saturday of April 1972. I’m upstairs in my bedroom with a portable black and white TV, ready for England versus West Germany, live on BBC 1. Mum and Dad are downstairs, watching…

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Ornette Coleman's Prime Time, live at The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield. Wednesday 3rd June 1981.

Concert poster courtesy of Steve Crocker. To the best of my admittedly limited knowledge, Miles Davis never ran the voodoo down Fargate, not even in a silent way. John Coltrane never rolled his cool ‘trane…

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Cabaret Futura – with Cabaret Voltaire, Eddie & Sunshine and Richard Strange. Sheffield Poly, Friday 22nd May 1981.

After band practice we adjourn for a few pints in The Beehive. Charlie is on flying form: "We're gonna be called The Box", he declares, his moustache flecked with creamy Guinness spume, "and people can…

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