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They Must Be Russians - Blitz club at The George IV, Tuesday 29th January 1980

“I got fined forty quid for putting a poster up. The bloke who beat his wife up was only fined thirty.” Steve Chapman fought the law, and the law won. The Stunt Kites’ guitarist is…

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Vendino Pact || The Stunt Kites - The Penguin Pub, Shiregreen, Sheffield. Thursday 25th October 1979.

The pub is called The Penguin; it is so far off our usual patch that we might as well be hanging out with the Emperors and Rockhoppers down at the South Pole. Lower Shiregreen might…

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Cabaret Voltaire || Deaf Aids || Molodoy || The Push - The Limit Club, Sheffield. Tuesday 15th August 1978.

“Wilma, what’s this song called?” “Spanish Stroll.” “So why are you singing it in French?” “I don’t understand what he’s saying in Spanish, summat about rose eater, take care oh.” “What are…

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