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Gig 61. Killing Joke, The Box, Play Dead, Sexbeat. Hammersmith Palais, London. Sunday 31st July 1983.

This Icelandic saga played out in the music weeklies throughout the spring and summer of last year. A gripping tale of escape, exile, brotherhood and betrayal, like Puzo with puffins.…

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AIR – The Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith. Sunday 17th May 1981

Sunday morning. The Free Jazz Express, bound for London Saint Pancras, flams and rolls over the points as it leaves Sheffield Midland Station. I’m on board with band-mate Charlie, Charlie’s pal and fellow…

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Fad Gadget, the Clarendon Ballroom, London. Friday 27th June, 1980.

Pimple-peppered forehead pressed against the coach window, I gawp at Yvonne and Alice, naked and entwined, eighteen-feet high at the side of the road. Yvonne, inscrutable, gently rests her head on Alice’s hand. Alice…

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